Sterling Disposable Locks

DL-2S-3DL-2S-3 Two screw model with 3" shackle

DL-1S-3DL-1S-3 One screw model with 3" shackle

DL-2S-2DL-2S-2 Two screw model with 2" shackle

DL-1S-2DL-1S-2 One screw model with 2" shackle

Width After Installation: all 1.9" (48.2mm)
Body Diameter: all 0.62" (15.8mm)
Overall Height: 3" locks 3.25" (82.6mm)
Overall Height: 2" locks 2.25" (57.2mm)
Shackle Diameter: all .205" (5.2mm)

All of our products are made in the USA

Aluminum Body, Alumoweld shackle and aluminum screws

The screws breakaway at a consistent torque leaving a smooth surface. The Alumoweld shackle has the strength of the steel core and the corrosion protection of the aluminum cover jacket. The two screw model has been tested to over 1200 pounds without failure.

For serializing/customizing call factory

DL Serialization

Optional stop keeps body in position for convenient removal

DL Stop