Stability in a Volatile Industry

From small specialty chemical operations to large petrochemical facilities, you must produce more, get to market faster, and meet more demanding regulations. Increasingly, chemical producers are accomplishing this using a combination of data analytics and the latest automation control technologies for batch and continuous processes, along with explosion-proof (XP) box modifications suited for your application.

Engineering Unlimited has worked with a variety of chemical, petrochemical and biodiesel producers to help automate and refine their processes, and can apply this experience to your next project. Our application experience includes liquid chemical feeding, dry chemical metering, wastewater treatment and more.

Case Study: When a renewable fuels company sought to establish a new pretreatment and processing facility in Iowa, the company brought Engineering Unlimited on board for design and commissioning support.

Engineering Unlimited developed electrical designs and documentation, purchased the control equipment, and built the PLC control and motor control panels. Engineering Unlimited engineers also provided PLC and HMI programming, and worked on-site to support electrical checkout, instrumentation setup and commissioning.

The completed facility was built with enough capacity to produce up to 30 million gallons of biodiesel per year. After the facility went online, Engineering Unlimited continued to provide support through remote-based troubleshooting and simple programming modifications.