Edible Oil Processing

Engineering Unlimited has worked with manufacturers around the world to help them design, launch and sustain systems for edible oil processing. We can help you customize your automated systems to meet your unique needs. That may mean processing multiple oils on the same line while minimizing changeover times and process inefficiencies, or better utilizing raw ingredients to reduce waste.

We have helped deploy some of the largest glycerin refineries in the world, and our diverse experience includes supporting processing systems for soybean, canola, nut, rapeseed, palm, coconut and sunflower oils. Our relevant process experience includes:

  • Glycerin processing (treatment, evaporation, refinement)
  • Preparation (hot dehull, cold press, hot press)
  • Solvent extraction (screw press)
  • Oil refining (chemical neutralization/degumming, bleaching, deodorizing)

Case Study: Engineering Unlimited helped leading nut-oil producer Caloy establish a new state-of-the-art refinery that has reduced losses by 40 percent.